Thursday, 24 September 2009


I was already on my third pint of Old Brewery Bitter when Jess finally arrived at the York Arms.

‘I thought we said eight o’clock ?’

‘Wasn’t sure where it was.’

‘It’s right next to the biggest bloody building in York.’

‘Calm down, and get me a drink.’

‘Are you trying the bitter ?’

‘Have they got any decent wine ?’

‘Glass or bottle ?’

‘Make it a bottle of white.’

‘White ? Red’s better for you.’

‘Not if you’re drinking by the bottle.’

I had so far managed to conceal my delight at her arrival, which diverted my attention from the chap who’d been smiling at me for thirty minutes. It’s not that I’ve got anything against gays, I just don’t fancy a hard cock shoved up my arse; and from the point of view of human biology a male penis has evolved to enter a female vagina.

‘What do you actually do for a living ?’ Jess asked.

‘Not much since dad left me that money; it was a relief to hand in my notice at the Council.’

‘I’ve been at the University for three years.’

‘It’s not proper work though, is it ?’

‘What do you mean ?’

‘Dossing around with all those students.’

‘You’ve got some refreshingly outdated ideas.’


I noticed Jess hadn’t drunk much wine, she was one of these people who could drink and eat slowly, which was something that I envied as a lifelong glutton. It would have been nice to be able to consume just about anything without putting on any weight, but not many people can get away with that.

‘What did you think of me when we first met ?’ I asked.

‘Not a lot !’

‘That’s nice !’

‘No, I liked your sense of humour, and you listened, which is actually quite rare for a man.’

‘Do you know what I liked about you ?’

‘My tits.’


Snap said...

I'm determined to read your blog in chronological order. You've really captivated my interest with your dialogues with Jess, descriptions, photos and may I say SUBTLE sense of humour! You both sound like a combination of me and mine, but I won't say who has which traits.

A Good Moroccan said...

Great to hear from you.